Join us on a virtual tour of a ship created in collaboration with documentary filmmaker Libor Špaček
for the "EscapetoNature" documentary project. We have designed a 3D catamaran and a VR experience, built the surrounding scenery, and incorporated gaming elements. This project is just beginning,
and we are hopeful for a long-lasting partnership.




Feb-April, 2023


VR, 3D models, Configurator


The sale and rental of a catamaran is not a matter of hours. Sometimes,

due to the specific type of catamaran, it may be necessary to travel the world.

It's not always a decision made at first sight, and that's why it's not straightforward

in terms of organization. The essence of the VR presentation is to show the client

not only how the interior of the boat looks but also what activities can be done

on board.